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Cleopatra VII Philopator was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, nominally survived as pharaoh by her son Caesarion. She was also a  Death of Cleopatra - Cleopatra (disambiguation) - Cleopatra I Syra - Cleopatra IV. Cleopatra VII ruled ancient Egypt as co-regent (first with her two younger brothers and then with her son) for almost three decades. She became the last in a dynasty of Macedonian rulers founded by Ptolemy, who served as general under Alexander the Great during his conquest of. 12 Aug While Cleopatra was born in Egypt, she traced her family origins to Macedonian Greece and Ptolemy I Soter, one of Alexander the Great's.

27 Feb Cleopatra was an Egyptian queen who had affairs with Rome's Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. She and Antony were defeated by Octavian in. As a woman, the ruler of a very rich country, Cleopatra's independence was anathema to Rome. What's more, she had 'seduced' two of their leading generals . Cleopatra: Cleopatra | Egyptian queen, famous in history and drama as the lover of Julius Caesar and the wife of Mark Antony.

29 Oct - 5 min - Uploaded by Kings and Generals Recently we started a new animated historical documentary series called Kings and Generals. 13 Mar Cleopatra was an Egyptian queen who is mostly remembered for her love affairs. However, she was a shrewd and powerful ruler. Here are some weird things you probably didn't know about Cleopatra, one of the most renowned rulers of ancient Egypt. Discover facts about the Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra who is celebrated for her beauty and love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Biography Burton, Rex Harrison, Pamela Brown. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt experiences both triumph and tragedy as she attempts to resist the imperial ambitions of Rome.