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Guild wars 2 location

Guild wars 2 location

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21 Apr There are essentially two types of locations: persistent and instanced. Persistent locations are always present and accessible by all logged-in. A category of articles related to Guild Wars 2 locations. Hall of Monuments - Juvenile Cheetah - Juvenile Arctodus -.

6 Mar A zone, also referred to as a map or explorable zone, is a type of location. Zones encompass a number of smaller areas; multiple zones form a. 29 Oct Locations[edit]. Adak: Free City of Amnoon (Crystal Oasis); Argeid: Reckoner's Terrace (The Grove); Bank Teller: Township of Claypool. Locations[edit]. Area · Area objectives · Bloodcoast Ward · Waypoint (tango icon). png. Bloodcoast Ward Waypoint. laurenmichellestern.com 1 Vista.

Locations[edit]. Area · Effective level · Area objectives · Altar Brook Vale, Waypoint (tango icon).png. Crossing Waypoint. Waypoint. Locations[edit]. Area · Effective level · Area objectives · Alakess Ledge, 23, —. Blackroot Cut, Hero laurenmichellestern.com · Eternal Portal. Dungeon locations in Guild Wars 2. All dungeons except Fractals of the Mists and the special event dungeons have two modes: a story mode, which focuses. Locations[edit]. Area · Area objectives · Antechamber · Waypoint (tango icon).png . Twilight Arbor Waypoint. Boleshian Pit, —. Chamber. Miyani is only found at the Lion's Arch location. The other permanent locations have a Mystic Forge Attendant, who offers the same.

Locations[edit]. Ascalon · Fields of Ruin · Bento Canyon (south west of Tyler's Bivouac waypoint); Halkor Meadows (east of the renown. Locations[edit]. Kryta · Lion's Arch · Fort Marriner · Vigil Centerhouse (North of the point of interest). Maguuma Wastes. Locations[edit]. Kryta · Lion's Arch · Trader's Forum · Mystic Plaza. Location[edit]. Maguuma Jungle · Mount Maelstrom · Maelstrom's Bile.

Locations[edit]. Race, Home instance, Description, Nearest waypoint. Asura tango icon laurenmichellestern.com Asura · Applied Development Lab. Locations[edit]. Kryta · Lion's Arch · Commodore's Quarter - Southeast of the Order of Whispers Headquarters point of interest. 30 Apr Tekki. laurenmichellestern.com · Race · Asura · Level: 24; Location · Duskstruck Moors (Brisban Wildlands) Location[edit]. Brisban Wildlands · Duskstruck. 23 Jun Guild Wars 2 features one of the most beautiful MMO worlds ever created. These are 15 of its most gorgeous locations.